Real-Time credit information

Real Time AI Based Credit Recommendations For B2B Enterprise

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Our unique solution

A unique AI and algorithmic system that process real-time information to optimize credit insurance

Process that is completely automated

Through the adoption of complete automation, we leverage technology and artificial intelligence to streamline our processes and operations, leading to reduced manual errors, improved efficiency, and the provision of faster and more precise services to our valued customers.

Credit assessments using Machine Learning

At CrediArc, Analyzing more than 30,000 sources, we leverage machine learning and AI to develop data-driven algorithms for accurate credit assessments. With cutting-edge technology, we optimize operations, enhance customer services, and mitigate credit transaction risks effectively.

Fast and efficient

At CrediArc, we take pride in being "Efficient & Fast," ensuring timely high-quality services and enhancing customer experience. Our focus on efficiency enhances competitiveness, providing quick coverage, accurate risk assessment, and prompt claims settlement, exceeding clients' expectations.


Reinventing credit insurance

Simplifies and automates credit risk analytics, allowing businesses to grow quickly and safely.


How we work

At CrediArc, we assess credit risks, issue policies, and compensate for losses, safeguarding businesses from financial risks.

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credit insurance policy

Our policy issuance process at CrediArc is swift and efficient.

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credit information system

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, businesses face the challenge of safeguarding their investments against potential future uncertainties.

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InsureTech Solutions: Safeguarding Your B2B Technology for Tomorrow

Our B2B credit insurance company offers cutting-edge InsureTech solutions, ensuring that your technology is shielded from potential future challenges. With our comprehensive coverage, you can confidently navigate uncertainties and protect your business investments, paving the way for a secure and prosperous tomorrow.

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Why Choose CrediArc

CrediArc has a Reinsurance agreement with the world’s leading insurance companies